Chasing Cameron


Chasing Cameron is the worst show Netflix has ever added to their Netflix Original series catalog and there is no love here from us. Chasing Cameron  is a documentary reality TV show. Besides the subject being a bust, the reality TV angle they take makes The Real Housewives on Bravo look like cinematic works of art. We were furious and wanted our time back for this complete pile of shit. Also we want an apology from the show itself for ruining hope in good TV shows.

We have received some complaints about not being more critical or loving too many shows, which is true. We love shows that captivates us, make us laugh, make us cry, make us see life in a different way and make us binge watch a show rather than go out on a weekend. This is NOT one of those shows.

Cameron Dallas was a Justin Bieber look alike that because o the internet is famous with social media like Vine, Instagram and some modeling attempts. He has the same effect on young girls as Justin Bieber but could never fill those shoes. He is D- level celebrity as best.

We don’t even know or care about the plot of this show because it was so bad. Whiny teenage boy models arguing and bitching about their “larger than life” drama. It is not even exciting drama and it just makes the cast look like little spoiled brats who had everything handed to them on a silver platter.

We don’t even care about the plot because it was so stupid. We don’t want to chase Cameron because no one gives a rat’s ass about him. He is pool boy material at best but like not even first string pool boy. The one who comes in to cover the shifts the pool boys call out for.

There is 1 season with 10 episodes a season. Each episode is 30 minutes long and will be a very short binge if you decide to take this on. It is not only not worth seeing, but we would recommend it to an enemy, just to watch them suffer through the show as it is TV torture.

We have never given a zero before but this is a time to pull that rating out for everyone’s benefit. Had they chosen maybe someone of substance like Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus we could have been on board.  Just get someone we can all relate to and someone we care about and root for in a universal way. That will fix this shitty little show.

The show is not binge worthy because it is so bad. It is almost like they are making fun of us. Like we are stupid enough to think this is an actual show and we should watch it for our entertainment. We were more entertained by counting the tiles on the bathroom floor.

If we could permanently delete a show from existence, it would be this one. That show and Once Upon A Time. Oh don’t worry, Once Upon A Time is coming very soon for its day of judgement from The Netflix Nanny. And it will be a bloodbath, so look out for new posts.

It isn’t good. It isn’t fun and he is not that famous, not that it even matters. After this crap fest we can honestly say the days of Cameron Dallas shining bright will never happen. This show sealed his fate and was the nail in the coffin for the destruction of his career.

Stick to social media boo boo. You are playing with the big boys now. #PrinceOfEgyptPun

Just don’t even put yourself through this. You would be better off sitting alone in the dark than attempting this “work of art”. Watch Wentworth instead. Wentworth has exceeded all our TV standard expectations ever.

(Side note: The Katy Perry Movie is phenomenal and you should check it out)

0/5 stars for this show and a 0/10 rating for binge worthy success

#ChasingCameron #Netflix #TheNetflixNanny #Wentworth


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