Grey’s Anatomy

greys anatomy

We had some great times with this show, but like Kurt Cobain, it is time to end it. Grey’s Anatomy was Twilight before Twilight existed. But like a medical Twilight with no vampires and lots of hot doctors. If you are too young to remember the biggest divide of our nation in the last 13 years then let us fill you in. Grey’s blows the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob rivalry out of the water, it was Team McDreamy vs. Team McSteamy. And the only “Mc” that will satisfy you will be McDonald’s after you see this show. Grey’s may be one of the longest running show to ever grace (sloan) the silver screen. #GreysPun

Here is the deal. We love it but we also hate it. It’s great and it’s terrible all at once. Keeping it real, we own seasons 1-7 on DVD. But that also means where we stopped loving it enough to keep buying it. We only buy shows we could never live without on DVD. (Lost, Grey’s, 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, The O.C. to name a few).

So there are 13 seasons so far with probably a 14th being set in stone soon. At this point we keep watching because we invested 12 years but its gotten out of control terrible. Don’t get us wrong, we love the sad, depressing, make your heart bleed, burst into tears drama they give us.

We love it. But the story has just gone on too long. It’s like Old Yeller, you feel bad about it but it needed to die. Like the way Casey Anthony felt about her kid. Although I don’t think she actually felt bad about that one.

There is literally SO much that happens, we don’t know where to start. The show follows Meredith Grey, a doctor at Seattle Grace Hospital in Seattle, Washington. The most depressing, rainiest place on earth. So it kind of flows with the depressing nature of the show. Meredith sleeps with a hot guy at the bar before her first day. Obviously the guy turns out to one of the head doctors in the hospital, McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey.

So Meredith takes on Seattle Grace with her best friend, Favorite character alert, Christina Yang. Yang is the most intriguing character to us for many reasons. One being she has the most growth from start to current than ANY of the other characters we encounter. Also she is a bad ass and we love her dark outtake on life. We could talk her up all day but you need to experience it for yourself.

So people die. There is a lot of death. Like mucho deatho. Obviously it is a hospital so it is to be expected. it is like the medical version of Game Of Thrones, but not as good. We will tell you that the attachment of anyone is probably going to end badly but you will get attached.

Each season has about 24 plus episodes with the exception of season 1, which had 9 episodes and season 4 which as a total of 17 episodes because of the 2008 writer’s strike.  Each episode is about 45 minutes to an hour each. So this show is a Mount Everest of binges to accomplish.

Had we not been watching it on TV since like season 5, we might not even be caught up by now. There are 12 seasons accessible on Netflix right now. We suggest you get cracking now if you wanna watch anything else. This show is a literal black hole for the common binge watcher.

But a black hole you should want to have at some point. I mean eventually we run out of shows to watch right? This is another one of the shows on ABC network’s TGIT on Thursday nights. We will tell you that with the 9 episode season 1, the first season is an obvious must see and will take no time at all.

Get through the the end of season 2 before you make a judgement call. Season 2 is 27 episodes so it is by far the longest one, but it does cover some of the best and brightest Grey’s Anatomy could ever shine. The first 5 seasons are pretty much flawless TBH. Not that it went down hill fast, because it was a slow decline but the show should have ended at season 10 TBH.

We love it but we are bored. There is nothing worse to us than being bored by a TV show. If mind numbing fantasy shows can’t entertain us then we get very upset. We are easily distracted but we are NOT easily bored. That is our biggest warning and our strongest complaint.

TBH we are much more impressed by Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder but Grey’s is like that friend you keep around because you have known them for 13 years. But in those 13 years they became like the absolute worst and now you hate them but like you put in 13 years so you have to stick with it.

TBH 3 out of 5 stars is generous but we do value the quality time the first 7 seasons gave us.

3/5 stars for this show and a 7/10 rating for binge worthy success

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