Parks And Recreation


TREAT YO SELF to this show and to The Netflix Nanny. Parks And Recreation is a breath of fresh air in a world of sadness and satire. The show centers on Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler, who is just the most hard working, kindest, most thoughtful soul in the entire world. She makes Mother Teresa looks like Hitler at a bar mitzvah.

If this show was a person it would be Gayle, Oprah’s best friend. Because 30 Rock would be Oprah. If you like to laugh then you will love Parks N Rec. TBH if Leslie Knope could run for office in real life we would vote for her. She is always one step ahead of everyone else and is that friend who takes care of everyone else first all the time.

We love to laugh and we love this show. We actually love a majority of the characters unlike most shows we encounter. Ron Swanson (favorite character alert) and Donna (other favorite character alert) are just two of the characters to look out for on your 7 season long Parks And Recreation binge.

Parks and Rec is 7 seasons long with  a variety of episodes per season. Season 1 has 6 episodes as a test run for TV. Then we see  between 16-24 episodes between seasons 2-6. And 13 for the final seasons. The variety of episodes is all because of ratings as well as the show itself. Each episode is about 22 minutes long so a season takes a day or two depending on how fast you binge.

The first season is good, but like McDonald’s good. It hits the spot but it is no Cheesecake Factory. The show picks up in a huge way around season 2 and steadily gets better as each season progresses.

The cast is mainly a bunch of misfits in a small town in Indiana who all work for the parks department in their local government. The show is documentary style, like The Office, and features character interviews during each episodes that coincide with the plot. The actors in this show are so great at character development that we can really see them transform into who they are playing.

The show is pretty solid and always makes us laugh. We highly recommend you check this out if you need a good laugh or a good sitcom. Especially if you just finished The Office, this will give you a bit of those feels back into your life but better. In our opinion this show is a little more exciting and daring than The Office ever was because so much more is going on.

Leslie Knope helps run the parks department in the government branch of Indiana. She  is beyond lovable and relates to everyone because she is such a positive person. She is only as good as the rest of the star studded cast who are always at her side.

Knope is balanced out well by the negative April Ludgate, aka Aubrey Plaza, and manly outdoors man Ron Swanson, aka Nick Offerman aka married to Megan Mullally aka Karen from Will & Grace.

To add to this crazy mix we need comedy which starts with Tom, aka Aziz Ansari, and Donna, aka Rhetta, to keep everyone on their toes about what’s in and out in society. And no show would be complete without a best friend for Leslie Knope named Ann Perkins, aka Rashida Jones (also from The Office). The Gayle to Leslie Knope’s Oprah and also kind of slut. And who doesn’t love seeing a fat chubby Chris Pratt playing the dumbest yet lovable human alive, Andy Dwyer.

In the classic “hate on one person in the office” style we will not list the actor who plays Jerry because no one cares about him or his role. He is the meg from Family Guy of Parks and Rec.

Rob Lowe and Adam Scott eventually join the cast full time sometime in mid to end season 2. So the star studded characters just keep on coming! We would highly recommend this show, but only after a binge of 30 Rock. But this show is sometimes considered better than 30 Rock depending on your style of comedy and sense of humor.

If you loved The Office, you will love this. If you loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt then go with 30 Rock first.

All in all we were sad to see the show end after what felt like 7 short seasons but the last season perfectly sums up the story and gives us a sense of completion or stability with the outcome. It does tell us the future and outcome of each of our favorite characters. It does do a classic future jump in the story line in season 7 so be prepared for that.

Overall, yes. YAS QUEEN SLAY.

YAS TO THIS SHOW. We love it but we want you to know that it is a little slower than 30 Rock so it is not considered one of our all time favorites. Don’t get us wrong, it is good, like really good. But it isn’t the best of the best. But at least it tries and never gave up, just like Leslie Knope.

4/5 stars for this show and a 8/10 rating for binge worthy success

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