Amy Schumer: The Leather Special


Have no fear, new Amy Schumer is here! Amy Schumer has kept us laughing for years and this Netflix original special is no different.

Here are some quick answers to any questions you will have. Yes, she is overly sexual. Yes, she talks a lot about her vagina. Yes, she makes fun of her own leather outfit. Yes, her sense of humor and comedy is no different from her normal comedy.

And if you hate her, then don’t watch her. We are so tired of people bitching about Amy Schumer. If she isn’t your cup of tea then stop drinking it.

It is fair to say that we can understand the hatred of Amy Schumer for her vulgar, over-sexual style of comedy. BUT here at The Netflix Nanny, we fully support Amy Schumer and all her hilarious antics but we understand that she is not for everyone.

This is an hour long stand up comedy special so it is like the length of a bubble bath or as our parents would say in long car rides, “two Power Ranger episodes away.”

Our love for Schumer is long and hard but does have a limit. We cannot honestly say this is her best work. We have seen her do so so much better in other stand up specials. We honestly believe all the fame and success has made her a bit lazy on the comedy front but we don’t judge her for that. We are happy for her success and still had several good laughs in this comedy special.

If you love Amy Schumer, you will consider this a victory. If you hate her, you will think this is an actual train wreck, unlike her very successful movie, Trainwreck.

(She is actually starring in a film beside Goldie Hawn, who is playing her mother, in a new comedy movie they are filming.)

Our point is not to give up on Amy Schumer because the best is yet to come.

the Leather Special is totally worth an hour of your time if you need some good inappropriate Amy Schumer laughs. We didn’t hate it but it definitely wasn’t her best effort. You can do better girl, we believe in you.

As long as you don’t get your hopes too high, you won’t be disappointed.

3/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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