Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is full of shit and sublime. We don’t actually know if we love the show Love. We are really torn up on this one. It is funny but it’s not hilarious. It’s dramatic but not epic. It is soft and it is harsh.

Judd Apatow (married to actress Leslie Mann) is the mastermind behind this show. Before you try and guess who he is, let us tell you that you have seen his work. He created the show Girl as well as Freaks and Geeks. His movies include Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, This Is 40 and Trainwreck. So you can expect a level of realistic life struggles mixed with comedic moments and sarcastic depressed characters.

We started this show because the second season just came out this month and we felt meh about the first season. The show just didn’t do it for us yet we didn’t stop watching. It is very similar to Girls in the sense that we have these realistic struggling characters seemingly trapped in the web of life. It is down to earth, realism comedy. Like real situations that can happen in real life with real people. But is it too real to be real? We really don’t know for real. (please tell us you git a giggle out of that one)

So it is intriguing for sure. The main characters are Mickey and Gus. Mickey is a free spirit, alcohol, sailor mouthed pretty girl who is troubled on the inside but still self aware of her flaws. Gus is this super big nosed Jewish guy who reminds us of an evil Jewish bird that wants to eat you like a crow in the night. Gus is a weirdo intellectual, condescending pushover who uses more passive aggressive tactics than a bi-polar pregnant woman on crack.

Mickey gets a roommate named (favorite character alert) Bertie. Bertie is the cutest little Australian we have ever seen. She says the funniest things that just seem totally out of character. She is the reason we kept watching honestly because she is just so funny. She is not a main character but because she lives with Mickey we do get to see her all the time.

Love centers on two people who are just terrible at finding ,falling and staying in love. Mickey tends to not live up to her potential and just fly by on the seat of her pants through life. She makes terrible choices and is always a negative Nancy about everything. Basically our dream girl if we were into that kind of thing. She could complain about nothing and then take a hand full of ambien and show up to a church service in a bathing suit. Yes that happens in the show. That is a great example of how life goes for Mickey on a daily basis.

Gus also does not live up to his potential but is a bit more serious about life and romance. He works on the set of a TV show where he longs to write and produce episodes but is forced to tutor the child actor stars of the show. This Gus gets propositioned for sex more than any character we have seen, next to fugly Hannah in Girls. When we review Girls we will have a lot to say about our hatred for Hannah aka Lena Dunham. Gus gets all these hot girls and is just the ugliest human bird hybrid we have ever seen. We just DO NOT GET IT.

Both characters are looking for love and dumped, down on their luck when they have a run in together at a gas station. Then the show really takes off. The two fall in love but constantly have the crazy ridiculous encounters that fuck everything up. It is like watching the hipster version of Titanic without all the water, or the titanic. It is basically just a hipster love story. Hipster in the sense that it is a modern day realistic love story.

The characters are all basic assholes who just want to live their shitty lives and be happy. Honestly the biggest draw to this show for us was about finding love. Even if you don’t admit it, every one wants to find love and every one wants to be loved in return. This is a reoccurring theme throughout the series that kept us coming back time and again.

Our only warning is that this is a slow moving paced show. It is not unrealistic at all so like life it moves slow. For instance we find out that towards the end of season 2, Mickey and Gus had only been hanging out for like a month. Each episode is almost a day to day recount of their love story. It is a weird love story that took some time for us to get used to but when we did we liked it.

This show has 2 seasons each with 10-12 episodes a season. Each season is about 30-45 minutes long and will not take long AT ALL to binge the whole series. We feel as if this is Judd Apatow’s new passion project since Girls is coming to an end forever in a few weeks.

We recommend this show for anyone that was a fan of Girls, Knocked Up, This Is 40 or Trainwreck. You will not be disappointed by his transition into TV shows.

3/5 stars for this and a 7/10 rating for binge worthy success

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