American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson


You know what they say, if the glove doesn’t fit then you are definitively not a murderer. One of the most famous murder trials of all time mixed with the casting and direction of Ryan Murphy can only mean 1 thing. SUCCESS. Basically this show only proves that if you are famous enough, you can murder people and get away with it. But we already knew that. Also Robert and Kris Kardashian (the parents) and Real Housewife alumni Faye Resnick are all accounted for in this epic tale of real life drama.

Ryan Murphy is the creator of American Horror Story, one of our all time favorite shows. So when you watch American Crime Story you can expect some of the same actors from Horror Story and you can expect each season to be a different theme. Next season is suppose to be about Hurricane Katrina. The third season is about the Gianna Versace killer and the fourth about the Bill Clinton sex scandal.

This show is just an incredible reminder of the whole O.J. Simpson drama most of us lived through. If you didn’t live through it then you at least heard about it growing up. I mean who doesn’t remember that White Bronco car chase? Also this star studded cast is to die for, making this one of the most epic tales of a real life event we have ever seen.

The O.J. trial was one of the first trials to be completely televised and had the world watching. It was like reality TV before reality TV because it was real and on TV. The O.J. car chase alone was one of the most riveting car chases of all time. Mainly because it was televised for everyone to see and it also confirmed his guilt in everyone’s eyes. By the way, if you still think he was innocent, you are stupid.

The show never actually tells us if they think he is innocent or guilty but they do examine and explore both sides of the trial. We have Sarah Paulson, American Horror Story veteran and Emmy award winning actress for this role, playing Marcia Clark. Marcia Clark was the frumpy haired attorney trying to prosecute O.J. Simpson. The cast includes HUGE named like Ross from Friends, John Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr., Selma Blair, Connie Britton and Nathan Lane.

There are 10 episodes in this mini-series with each episode being between 45 to 55 minutes. It is a pretty short binge to be honest but a binge we needed and enjoyed.

Equipped with a star-studded cast, a real life story and a scandal surrounding a murder, there is no way this show could not be a home-run. It delivers and delivers hard. The show exposes the racism, sexism and corrupt nature of law and social politics in a dramatic fashion that only Ryan Murphy can serve up.

For anyone who doesn’t know, O.J. Simpson murdered his wife and the man she was cheating on him with in there home in Brentwood, California. There was all this drama with him fleeing the scene of the crime in a white bronco, the cameras capturing every moment and the damn glove incident. Basically O.J. Simpson’s lawyers turned the trial into a public media circus in order to help their case. And as we all know, it worked.

O.J. later wrote a tell-all book about how he would have done it if he had, but who didn’t see right through that one. He is in prison now for some stupid shit he did years later but spent most of his time being a celebrity that was either loved or hated. Actually, The Netflix Nanny has a relative who runs a bar in Miami that Simpson liked to frequent and they would speak on a regular basis. The man may be charismatic but he is still a murderer.

Side note: alcohol never helps in those situations, especially if you are trying to hide something, alcohol will eventually bring it out.

Besides the story we all know, we were surprised to find out that our empathy actually went to the jurors involved with the case. There is an entire episode focusing on what the jurors went through to be on this case. They were racially divided over the case.

Tension on top of spending close to a year in police guarded hotels rooms with no cable, internet, phone or life privileges. It almost felt as if the jurors themselves were on trial and at that point we knew they would do anything to just get back home.

Imagine having to spend a year with 11 other people you don’t know, being unable to be influenced by news or the outside world. This was a shocking revelation which lead us to see how they could come to a verdict of not guilty, just to return home to their lives. We had not even considered how their families and careers were potentially ruined by this insane trial.

We have no warnings or advice about this show because it was so big and played so much on the media we couldn’t give any spoilers away because there are no spoilers. The only thing we saw here was amazing acting and a nostalgic feeling for an event we lived through personally.

5/5 stars for this and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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