Hart Of Dixie


Sweet Home Alabama is more than just a song, it is a way of life. Sweet tea and sunshine is the best way to describe the south so how could we not love a show set in Alabama? Hart Of Dixie stole our heart with its positive, fun rom-com vibe and then broke our heart when it was cancelled. This show makes us feel warm and cozy by a fire on a cold winter night.

We basically think it is the twilight of the south minus vampires and all consuming depression. Also better acting but Twilight did not set that bar high enough AT ALL. Basically this show centers on a love triangle. That is the only thing they have in common. Except this one isn’t full of teen angst and stupid Kristen Stewart being depressed in a chair for like 100 season changes.

At first we thought they would be making fun of southerners like so many shows do but we were pleasantly surprised with this one. Now don’t get us wrong here we are smart enough to know the difference between portraying a small town and a small minded town. The south is not all small towns and small minds. This show is more about the southern charm of a small town. Southern charm is about welcoming, loving and caring for others. This show did exactly that.

The story takes place in Bluebell, Alabama. Bluebell is a fictional town near the gulf coast of Alabama. It gives many shout outs to cities like Birmingham and Mobile Alabama. Represent 205 baby.

Anyway the main character is Dr. Zoe Hart. A hardcore surgeon in New York City (shocker) and an even more hardcore beauty. Zoe Hart is played by Rachel Bilson. Bilson famously played Summer Roberts on the amazing soap opera The O.C. We don’t have time to explain the awesomeness that is The O.C. but it is worth buying the 4 seasons and watching.

Zoe Hart grew up without a father and is intrigued when she gets a letter to come join him at his practice in Alabama. When she arrives in Bluebell she learns her father had passed away months earlier. She ends up sharing the practice with Dr. Brick Breeland who is not happy about her arrival. Dr. Hart is a good person. She tries to do the right thing and is always smoking hot and cutesy doing so.

She arrives and meets this guy named George, the town lawyer and glorified prom king, who had left the small town a few times to visit New York for a while. They bond instantly but things get crazy when Dr. Hart discovers George is engaged to a girl named (favorite character alert) Lemon Breeland.

Lemon Breeland is the daughter of Dr. Brick Breeland who owns the practice Zoe has inherited. Lemon is classic southern bell. She is the southern version of Regina George. She is good at everything, works hard, runs everything in the town and makes people fear her instead of love her. If Lemon was a phrase she would be “Bless Your Heart”. Lemon and George had been engaged for a ridiculous number of years. They were considered the it couple or the people voted Mr. & Mrs. in those stupid high school yearbooks.

George is instantly into Zoe Hart for many reasons but mainly probably because she has a real big heart under those big ole titties. Zoe ends up moving in with the studdly mayor of the town, Lavon Hayes. Lavon was a famous Alabama football player helps Zoe out with a place to live. Zoe quickly meets George and Levon’s other best friend, Wade. Wade is the sexy sexy hot southern boy who instantly falls for Zoe.

So now we have Levon, George and Wade all involved with or caring about Zoe Hart. Things escalate quickly when Lemon decides Zoe is ruining her engagement with George. The tea to dish here is that Lemon actually had an affair with the mayor, Levon Hayes while George was away at New York.

Levon and Lemon secretly love each other and George loves Zoe and Wade loves Zoe. But who does Zoe love? This is the question of the whole series. This bitch bounces back and forth faster that Opera changes weight. And we love to watch it unfold.

The whole town is very reminiscent of the town in Gilmore Girls. Small town, close knit community that is always having dances, festivals, town meetings and big group events. An unrealistic version of the south but not a negative one. It makes us feel at home warm and at home every time we watch it.

It is more of a show that is slower paced than some of the other titles we have reviewed. More along the line of Gilmore Girls. Actually the more we type, the more we see many similarities in the basic structure of the shows. The show is for sure a rom-com chick flick type of show. There is no murder, no betrayal, no revenge, no crazy sarcastic evil people running amok. Mainly just a crazy fun love triangle with mild drama.

We love it for what it is. The most important thing we can teach anyone is to love things (and people) for who they are and not what you want them to be. This show is meant to be a cute happy rom-com. Very low key and not over the top. The character development is mild sauce from taco bell. It will get you what you need in a pinch but its not the best option. Ya feel me?

We personally love all things sarcastic, dark and twisted but this show did captivate us enough to finish all 4 seasons. Each season has about 22 episodes with the final season only having 10. Each episode is about 45 minutes long so its a good one to binge for a short time. It is perfect for Facebook-ing or social media stalking while still needing a show on in the background.

Our only warning here is the boredom factor. We loved it but compared to a show like Lost or How To Get Away With Murder, we just cannot give it a high star rating. We feel like 2/5 stars is a generous rating considering how uneventful the show is. Not because it lacks in quality, its just not our particular brand.

Like you go to buy ketchup and there is Heinz or Hunt’s. They are both ketchup and you love ketchup and they are both solid products. But one is just way better. Heinz. the answer is Heinz. Always choose Heinz.

We feel a bit harsh about our rating but we can’t give it high stars when we think about some of the other shows out there for you. This is a good binge between amazing shows. Like a good bridge for the gap of nothing to watch. We say give it a try if you need a happier show in your life but don’t even try if you can barely get off to American Horror Story.

2/5 stars for this show and a 6/10 rating for binge worthy success

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