revenge 3

Revenge may be a dish best served cold but this show is hot! Revenge is probably one of the most understandable human traits anyone can share, especially when someone has been wronged. Everyone feels like getting revenge at some point and some people take it to the next level. This show makes the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian feud look like something off of the Disney channel.

Revenge was our only replacement for the HUGE soap opera sized hole Desperate Housewives left in our soul when it ended. This show helped us bridge the gap between TV show depression. TV show depression is when you finish a show or series that you love and have this overwhelmingly empty feeling in your heart. Nothing can replace the show you loved but it is time to move on. Kind of like adulting but with TV shows.

This show was just so good when it began but slowly began to get too big for its own good. It is almost as if the show did not expect to get as big of a response as it did. The first 2 seasons started off really strong and most of season 3 was great but the last season just did not deliver. Don’t get us wrong, we loved the whole show, but it did get a bit ridiculous sometime in season 3 leading to the crazy ending in season 4.

The plot is a bit complicated so we will try our best. We begin with our main character and favorite character alert Emily Thorne. Emily has just moved to the Hamptons and rents a beach house. This house turns out to be right next to the wealthiest family in the Hamptons and probably the most famous, The Graysons.

It turns out that Emily is not actually Emily. Her true identity is Amanda Clarke. Her father worked for the Graysons when she grew up in the beach house next door. The Graysons were involved in all kinds of shady back door deals and actually set up Amanda Clarke’s father to take the fall for an act of treason so that the Graysons did not get caught.

After a very public and lengthy trial, David Clarke (Amanda’s father), is found guilty and put in prison. He is then murdered by the same people who put him in prison so they can make sure no one ever finds out. Amanda is sent to foster care and followed by the shame of being David Clarke’s daughter as he had become a national traitor. Her entire life was further ruined by Victoria Grayson, the mother of the Grayson family, who makes sure to have Amanda sent away for good.

The end result is that Amanda gets out of juvenile prison at age 18. Amanda was an angry girl growing up thinking her father was a traitor and not having a mother. She is greeted by her father’s business partner, Nolan, when she gets out of juvenile prison. Nolan had become a billionaire overnight due to funding from Emily’s dad before he died. Therefore she is given millions of dollars at the age of 18 and has her heart set on revenge therefore becoming the character we know as Emily Thorne.

Emily spends her money wisely and plots and plans her perfect revenge. She even goes to this covert assassin guy and gets trained in how to fight and kill on a “mission of revenge” as he calls it. Equipped with money, vengeance and assassin skills, Emily is ready to move back home. She then sets her sights on different people involved in taking her father down. She doesn’t kill any of them but ruins their lives, careers and reputations. Almost like they killing them would be a kindness so she ruins them one by one. No one knows she is Amanda Clarke and she starts her plot by getting engaged to the Grayson’s only son, Daniel.

WHEW! That was so much explaining and that we just told you what you need to know going into the show.

Revenge does a great job of explaining everything, developing crazy plot twists as well as showing the ever lingering feud between Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson. We can really see that a revenge tale has two sides to every story and that just because we feel bad for one side does not mean we shouldn’t feel bad for the other side.

The perfect quote for the show was stated in on of the episodes we remember watching. Something about when you go on a path of revenge, be prepared to dig two graves. Which is very true and very accurate.

Revenge is shown as a sexy, fun, cool experience but also shown how toxic it can be. It destroys people from within and brings out the worst in people. People like Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson.

We recommend this show for anyone. It is actually one of the very few TV shows we had watched on TV every week as they aired. We even got our own Mother into it and she loved it too.

It is a sinfully delicious soap opera with a very unforgiving plot. We only suggest this show if you can handle drama and need a need soap opera type show in your life. If you like Scandal or How To Get Away With Murder, this is along those lines but not quite as good. We will admit that our love for the show blinded us a bit about how boring some parts can be.

It did move very slow at times but totally made up for it by revealing major plot twists in the premiere of each season. The way they do How To Get Away with Murder. They show you who is dead, or who you think is dead, and then go back in time for the start of the season. The season then catches up to the current incident about halfway through. It is a great technique that kept us coming back time and again.

3/5 stars for this show and a 7/10 rating for binge worthy success

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