This show will make your head spin faster than actually smoking weed. The good news is that it lasts longer too. The better news is that the same person who does Orange Is The New Black created this show first.  A deviant lifestyle and avoiding the law is just a part of the job  for Nancy Botwin according to Weeds. Everyone loves the story of a suburban mom gone drug dealer. Especially a hot MILF like Nancy. The only problem is that Nancy may be one of the worst mothers on the planet and may be one of the most hated main character of all time.

(This show was all we had until Breaking Bad decided to show us what is up.)

Weeds is about a mother in the suburbs who has just lost her husband to a heart attack. He has left her with debt, bills and two boys to raise on her own. Nancy Botwin starts selling pot to parents in the suburbs with the help of a teenager in the town. The show is a realistic look into the world of pot. Weeds helps break down some stereotypes about the drug itself. The drama in this show is outstanding as much as it is outrageous.

This show gets crazy. And by crazy we mean like good crazy that we cannot look away from. Nancy somehow manages to go from suburban pot dealing mom, to working with drug king pins, to banging Mexican drug lords, to being in prison and getting out.

If you are thinking we just spoiled the show we didn’t. Realistically how many seasons did you think they could spend on a mom dealing pot to rich people. The shoe has to drop and expand to higher stakes in time or we would get real bored real fast. Also Nancy does not actually smoke weed but a few times throughout the show, which we find ironic. She is more of a coffee addict. Aren’t we all?

WARNING: Nudity. Nancy Botwin is a slutty slutty slut butt. She is naked many times in the show. Mainly just boob stuff but there could have been some vagina action that we mentally blocked out. So yes there is a good amount of sex and nudity in this show. This is probably one of the worst shows you could watch around children. They do not need to see this show until they are older.

Our warnings are just for your benefit as we have no problem with any content of any shows whatsoever. We think that it is important to warn people, especially those not wanting to have certain content with their shows. *Shout out to our parents* In all honesty, most shows today are fueled by violence and sexual content so you should not be surprised.

The best character and our favorite character alert goes to Doug. Doug is played by comedian Kevin Nealon and is just too funny not to experience. Doug is the comic relief character as the plot twists sometimes get too intense. This show is a dark comedy so humor about intense subjects can be expected. The show is similar to a dark comedy like Santa Clarita Diet or Orange Is The New Black. Except no zombies and less lesbians.

We recommend this show if you need a long binge worthy show. 8 seasons is no joke and will take you a while to finish. This show is worth a good binge in our opinion and deserves its chance to take you on one crazy ride. Weeds is no Breaking Bad by any means but it is more similar to Orange Is The New Black in the way that it really dives deep into the territory it wants to cover.

(The finale of the series is a bit weird and does skip ahead to the future without warning.)

There are 8 seasons as the show ended several years ago. They range from 10-15 episodes a season, each being 30 minutes an episode. We contest that if you finish season 1 and hate the show you should probably stop watching.

Our only criticism with that decision is that Weeds gets better each season, like Game Of Thrones did. So with each new season of Weeds, you will get more and more invested. So do not give up on the show if season 1 seems a little on the boring side, you will have your excitement and drama soon enough.

Even if you do not smoke weed or like any mind altering substances, you can still enjoy this show. It appeals to all adults in one way or another and makes us really think about the consequences of our actions.



3/5 stars for this show and an 8/10 rating for binge worthy success

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