Jessica Jones


Technically called “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” but we like to drop the Marvel because it seems a bit overbearing. Nothing had emotionally invested us this much since Titanic. We weren’t even allowed to see that growing up because of the Kate Winslet boob scene.

*Eye rolls*

But none the less this show made us cry just as hard but for different reasons. Also we NEVER cry. So if a show can make us feel real feelings again, we are all up in it like Micheal Jackson at 5 year old’s Birthday party or Diane Keaton at a pant suit convention. (Diane Keaton is the Queen of the pant suit and you know it. Also Micheal Jackson maybe The King of Pop but he is also the Queen of the bouncy house and you know it.)

(Obviously we watched Titanic in college during one of our best friend’s birthday parties and cried the whole time. Effectively making other people watch it and cry the whole time also. Including the Birthday guest of honor. Basically we will ruin your Birthday with sadness.)

The point of that story was that sometimes a TV or Movie comes along that just moves us in our very soul. Jessica Jones is one such example. We thought the show had every element of everything we love and adore. Nerdy comic book crap. Hot superheros. Lots of alcohol consumption. An evil villain so evil, creepy and crazy we could not wait to see what he did next.

The story begins with Jessica Jones, our sort of hero, drinking whiskey and being dark and ominous. Qualities we love and are not typical of a superhero which makes us like her even more. Jessica is running from some evil man who just fucked her world up.

It is so easy to root for Jessica because she is a jaded, dark and angry girl stuck in a messed up world. She doesn’t love very well and drinks a lot. She did not want the powers given to her and refuses to see her self as a hero. All the self deprivation just makes her more interesting than Ironman or Superman.

Jessica Jones has super strength. The ability to lift cars over her head and throw them at enemies type of strength. Also she can basically punch through a building and can “fly”. We say “fly” because she can’t fly like Superman, but she can use her strength to jump really really high. High enough to appear to be flying for a short time but will still have to come back down. Also she spends most of her time drinking whiskey neat and being bitchy.

Her best friend and “sister” is Patsy (favorite character alert). Patricia “Trish” Walker or Patsy, was a child actress/ superstar and is now a radio talk show host with a very popular program. She and her family adopted Jessica Jones when she was a young teen and the two grew up being sisters. Patsy and Jessica could not be more different. Patsy is a rich, blonde, successful entertainer with a heart of gold and a love for others. Jessica is a dark, brunette, depressed, unsuccessful superhero who hates everyone and everything except whiskey.

We cannot go any further into detail about their relationship because it is what you need to watch in the show. We can tell you that the two woman are very different but love each other like family and have the same views about life. And no there is no weird lesbian thing going on. If you need something like that watch Wentworth.

The whole season is about Kilgrave, the dynamic and very hate-able villain of Jessica Jones. Kilgrave is a man who can control the mind of anyone who can her him speak. Example: He can tell someone to jump off a bridge and their body would walk toward a bridge and jump off. He can also give commands such as “When Jessica arrives, give her this message and shoot yourself in the head”.

Do you see how this becomes a problem? Kilgrave can use any humans as a placeholder for stalking, communicating and destroying anything or anyone. Kilgrave is in love with Jessica Jones, having used his mind control on her in the past, using her super strength to do some harmful acts. He wants her as his super-wife and to conquer the world.

Jessica is not at all in love with Kilgrave. In fact the beginning of the season is about how he is constantly stalks her after she has been in hiding since her last encounter with him. The only cure for Kilgrave’s mind control is time and distance. The longer you stay away from him and the farther you are, the quicker the effects of mind control can wear off. Jessica battles fear and as well as her own destiny while trying to stop this truly menacing villain. She eventually teams up with Luke Cage, a superhero who is indestructible and strong, but even he is not enough to stop Kilgrave.

Luke Cage got his own spin off show on Netflix called Marvel’s Luke Cage, duh. We have not yet watched because our ride or die is Jessica Jones but we will be binge watching it soon enough. We would love to give an in depth analysis of every element of this show but we would give too much away and we want you to go in having just the right amount of knowledge to enjoy the show, not ruin it.

Nothing we have told you is a spoiler because all the characters and their fate have been told through comic books long ago. We just want to give you enough information. Especially for someone who doesn’t keep up with or care about superhero shows. This is NOT a typical superhero show and it is better than you think.

You need to get halfway through the show before you can decide if you want to watch the rest. There are 13 episodes a season with each episode about 45 minutes to an hour. It will take about a week to binge if you space them out but the last few episodes are so intense you will have to watch them all at once.

The reason we suggest watching all the episodes is because about halfway through the show picks up in a huge way. The stakes get higher and Kilgrave gets more evil, making the show so intense. We LOVED the ending of the season. It could not have been more perfect and we appreciate Netflix for how good they actually made this show.

This is what matters, as a play on our subtitle “What’s New, What’s Poo and What Matters”. WATCH THIS SHOW NOW! it is about 2 years old so most of you have probably tried or seen the title on Netflix. Now is the time to binge your heart out because they are currently working on season 2 as we speak!

Watch this and you will not be let down. This show is up there with our other 5 star rated shows like Stranger Things, House Of Cards and How To Get Away With Murder. Some people have a hard time getting into this show but please make the effort to stand by it. Sometimes when you stand by something, it rewards you in the end.

5/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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