Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23


Trust The Netflix Nanny when we tell you this comedy is for you. B—- in Apartment 23 is hysterical. It always makes us laugh and it is very quotable. Not as memorable as Mean Girls, our favorite movie, but almost as funny.

The star of this show is Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) who plays (favorite character alert) Chloe. Chloe is a self centered, crazy, alcoholic, whimsical bitch. She is cunning, manipulative, hilarious and blunt. Basically she is everything we want to be when we grow up. The “It” girl of New York City and a fun portrayal of party socialite types like Paris Hilton.

The only setback here is that the show was cancelled after 2 seasons and 2 seasons was not enough to scratch the surface on this brilliant work of art. We are mad about not having enough to watch but we are happy we did get to see it.

The first season is 7 episodes and the last season is 19 episodes. Each episode being about 22 minutes long. This show would only take a day or two to finish and is well worth a binge. If you don’t like the first episode switch to season 2 and we promise you will peeing your pants in no time.

It is a sitcom type comedy so it is a show anyone who likes to humor will enjoy. Chloe is a crazy fun party girl living in New York City who is best friends with James Van Der Beek. James is the guy who played Dawson on the 19998-2003 show, Dawson’s Creek. He plays a version of himself that is too funny not to love. Our other main character is the blonde, June.

June moves to New York City for work and finds herself at a huge crossroads when the company she is working for goes under on her first day at work. Her fancy company apartment and lifestyle is taken away from her before it even starts. June is a small town type good girl. The kind of girl who talks to her parents everyday, doesn’t party, works hard and is all about rules and not living on the edge. Chloe is the exact opposite of June in every way. Making this another one of those opposites attract female friend shows like Grace & Frankie, but much much funnier.

June moves in with Chloe via an internet ad and immediately learns why people in the building warn her not to trust the bitch in apartment 23. It turns out Chloe scams girls into paying first and last month’s rent, therefore covering her own rent, and drives them crazy until they move out. She tries to be the worst person and roommate anyone could ever have just to take their money and watch them run.

This show is fun, sassy, smart and comical. Chloe involves June in all kinds of antics like making June go on dates with Chloe’s father who is still married to Chloe’s mother. Chloe takes over People magazine. (Season 2 episode 3, and our favorite episode ever made). Chloe also has sex with June’s fiance on June’s Birthday cake in the first episode introduction so you know these antics are going to be good.

Chloe is a lovable character despite all her selfish and manipulative actions. She will quickly become that bitch everyone loves and wants more of. We highly recommend this show if you are need of a good comedy or a short little show to binge. We think binge watching Netflix is like drinking alcohol. Sometimes you want a single drink, Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23, and other times you want a whole bottle, Lost.

We have been hoping and praying that Netflix will realize the potential in reviving this show as a Netflix Original series. The show had great reviews and solid ratings and was cancelled way too soon to really get off the ground.

We highly recommend this show. Our only warning here is that it tends to get a bit boring towards the end of season 2 but we feel like that is because the show was being cancelled either way and they just didn’t have a solid motivation to keep the spirit of the show alive.

It is not the best comedy we have ever seen, but it also is not the worst by any means. This is a solid show for some laughs but not captivating enough to become obsessed with. So here’s looking to you Netflix. Revive this show next. It is definitely better than some of the crap you put out like Fuller House.

3/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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