The real scandal here is that we have had to wait so long for a new season!!!!! Delicious, devious, devastating, daring, daunting and delightful. These words perfectly sum up one of our favorite shows ever to grace the silver screen. Scandal is a masterpiece and deserves nothing but our utmost praise. Kerry Washington shines bright in this political drama as the one and only Olivia Pope.

Olivia Pope runs her public relations firm in Washington, D.C. called Olivia Pope and Associates. The firm focuses on crisis management. Basically they are dealing with issues politicians would not want to come out in public. Olivia deals with problems ranging from kidnappings all the way to corruption and murder by White House staff.

This is another example of TGIF, a theme created by Shonda Rhimes for the ABC network on Thursday. Scandal comes on before How To Get Away With Murder but took a significant amount of time off between season 5 and 6 due to Kerry Washington’s pregnancy.

Our story begins with Olivia Pope having an affair with the President Of The United States. Olivia was the President’s campaign manager and began an affair with him shortly after the campaign trail begins. The show starts off as a love story but quickly descends into a drama filled pool of lies and betrayal.

The best part of the show is the scandals obviously. Who doesn’t love drama, sex, intrigue and back door deals. We love to see people exposed for who they truly are and Olivia Pope only exists to protect those who don’t want to expose their true identity.

The scandals get deeper and deeper each episode. Starting with the scandal of Olivia Pope and the President. The President’s wife, Mellie Grant (favorite character alert), is a hate-able, love-able character. We say this because we hated her when the show began. But with time and many many shocking revelations, we learned that she is our favorite character in the entire series. She is not a “feel sorry for me” character but a strong, powerful, independent, intelligent and self aware woman that we learn to love and respect over time.

Each episode is about 45 minutes long and there are usually 16-20 episodes per season. Season 1 is only 7 episodes long because it was more of a test run for Shonda Rhimes after her success with Grey’s Anatomy. We cannot recommend a better show to you, especially a politically charged show unless we mention House Of Cards, again. House Of Cards is better, but not as shocking if we are being totally honest.

We LOVE Scandal. LIKE A LOT. It is actually one of those rare shows we have kept up with since its inception on cable TV. We highly recommend a binge watch of the first 5 seasons as soon as you can. Like end of this post as soon as you can. Literally stop reading and go watch it right now.

You will have to get through all 7 episodes of season 1 to make an informed decision about the show. We cannot see anyone hating this show but then again we also didn’t expect to see a reality star win a Presidential election this year either.

(We refuse to post our political views even though this is a political show, but we will make jokes at all political expense so calm the fuck down).

This show is highly recommended to any and every one. Experience the scandalicious, fergalicious, so delicious nature of the dark side of the moon. This show takes a super intense turn into dark territory as you get deeper into it.

Season 4 just will blow your mind and is so damn intense. So intense our token red wine and popcorn was not enough. (This is a Scandal joke that you will get if you watch the show)

The dark turn that the show takes is similar to that of Breaking Bad and House Of Cards. Our main “hero”, Olivia Pope may be more power hungry and undeserving of the title of hero than we originally thought. These opinions however are all up to you, our readers. If you actually watch the show that is.

We promise that this show never fails to shock and awe us every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. The biggest scandal of all however is the end of season 5. Not only will it blow your mind, but it will destroy your heart and your soul. It made us believe that anything is possible in this show and we love that.

We will admit that our only warning is that we had gotten a bit bored with the show watching it week by week on cable. We feel as if we would not have gotten as bored had we just binge watched the whole thing on Netflix. What we saw as boredom at the beginning of season 5 was totally made up by the last 5 episodes leading up to the devastating finale that was Scandal season 5.

Each season honestly does get better and better. The main themes of political power and who can outsmart who plays a major role in this brilliant show. You will find yourself more confused about who to root for than sane human beings on election day 2016.

4/5 stars for this show and a 9/10 rating for binge worthy success

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