Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce


It may be time to divorce this show, girlfriend. The promise of girl power and sex had us thinking more along the lines of Sex And The City, not sex and the shitty. We have not been impressed and were continually let down by the end of season 3 on the Bravo network. 

This show has all the elements of success, but they just don’t seem to add up. When we refer to not adding up, we mean like the new way they teach math to kids. No one understands that shit and it doesn’t make sense.

(Don’t even get us started on that topic)

We LOVE all the characters, except the main character, Abby. Abby McCarthy is played by Lisa Edelstein, the lady who runs the hospital in House. Also the lady who loves House and ends up dating House, but is always on House’s case about his bitchy attitude.

The show focuses on Abby and her husband getting a divorce. (Duh) They have a young kid and a teenager and they are just trying to figure life out. The characters are a rag tag group of strong empowered females that we love and cherish but never got attached hard enough to follow them blindly into battle.

Phoebe (favorite character alert) is the blonde, artistic, sexually open, free spirit one. Jo is the fiery red head full of rage, sarcasm and fight. Delia is the brunette, super sexy, super serious, type A lawyer and career driven woman. Barbara is the token black friend for the show. She is played by Retta, known to most as Donna on Parks and Recreation. She is our second favorite character alert and is the keeping it real, blunt, speak your mind, live your own truth friend.

All the woman are great. We see them grow and expand their characters each season. We see them learn from their mistakes and take their divorces and lives (some are not divorced) into their own hands. 

We just cannot get on board with Abby. Abby is a self centered, shitty, slut-faced ho-bag, middle aged bitch who wants to make her own rules. We love the independence of her character but we hate her attitude and how she makes EVERYTHING about her. (She is THE WORST)

We had high hopes for this show because if anyone watches Bravo, you know they make the trailer for everything they show look like an epic tale of drama in a lifeless world. We were fairly disappointed in season 1 but still intrigued enough to continue the divorce journey. The first 2 seasons were good, not great. Season 3 failed to live up to any of our binge watching standards.

The show is about 45 minutes long and about 13 episodes in season 1 and 2. Season 3 just ended last month with a miserable 7 episode run. We don’t know if the season was cut in half because people agree with us or if there are other issues afoot. Regardless, it was not worth it.

We like it, but we don’t love it. Honestly, it is better to watch if you have cable, because cable gets so boring and we run out of good crap to see. It falls short of the glory of former shows empowering females and of former shows having a good plot. 

The summary is basically:
“You can be an independent and still be you. You don’t need a man. But actually, wait, you totally do because you are the worst.”

We do not recommend it but if you are in desperate need of a girl show, watch it for fun. Fun which you will need alcohol to enjoy. Even if you are 10 years sober, you will still need alcohol to get through this hot mess. If you don’t have alcohol, use weed. Or whatever pills you have handy. Trust us.

Normally we love a villain as a main character but Abby is just the worst. Like Scar from The Lion King level of the worst, or Gaston from Beauty And The Beast level of the worst. We just cannot support a main character who is the worst and it makes us hate the show. Hate might be a strong word because we did watch all 3 seasons of this shitty shit show, but hate is all we have for you right now.

Do not watch this show if you love excitement and drama. You would be WAYYYYYYYYY better off binge watching Pretty Little Liars and you know how hard we raged on that shit.

1/5 stars for this show and a 3/10 rating for binge worthy success

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One thought on “Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce

  1. Agreed. Abby is a narcissistic whore. I’m binge watching the series and on season 3. I don’t think I’ll watch anymore. Unless someone can promise me that Abby gets bitch slapped !!


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