Fuller House


It’s bad. Should be called “Fuller House of Crap”. Sadly, like in our youth, the promises of getting older does not always mean better. They tried so hard but come up so short, like Lindsay Lohan at a rehab facility or Nicolas Cage in any movie ever.

This show was so very promising. And turned out to be such a disappointment. Like Devil Wears Prada Meryl Streep face of shame disappointment, or that feeling of disappointment our parents get when they think about our lives and choices we made as adults. We could rage on this show for hours but we have like “so much” going on so we won’t.

The plot is that the kids from Full House are now adults with kids. Kimmy Gibbler, DJ and Stephanie all move back into the house they grew up in and bond over sisterhood or whatever. The old stars of Full House only make mild return.

But what do you expect from big names like Bob Saget, John Stamos or the weird uncle who fucked Alanis Morisette from that “You Oughtta Know” song.

It is basically like a present day revival of a Disney channel original movie. This show cannot decide if it wants to appeal to adults or to children. At first, you watch the pilot and it’s all rose colored nostalgic glasses. You get all excited to see these characters you grew up with or knew.

Then BLAM!

You are 5 episodes in and wondering why you ever started it. You wonder how it even got this far. Then like a meth addict coming into sober light, you will blame yourself. You will blame yourself hard.

Is it good for kids? Yes. It has a small amount of adult humor to help you get by if you HAVE to watch a show with the little ones but if you are home alone, no. Just no. Go catch up on Scandal girl.

We went back and re-watched it and We just shame ate the entire day after. It’s like that bad feeling you get after a one night stand or at the end of Lost. (We will revisit that topic later).

We even got excited for season 2, which was like as disappointing as biting into a McDonald’s cheeseburger only to find there is no hamburger patty inside. The jokes are sometimes very adult but also sometimes very childish. This show just screams Nickelodeon or Disney channel and we are too old now to deal with it.

Favorite character alert, Stephanie. The middle sister of the original Full House is Stephanie Tanner. She is the one who (in real life) went off and blew all her money on cocaine, alcohol and partied all day like she was Lindsay Lohan. She went to rehab and is now sober. So they based her character off an adult version of her.

Her character, and the always hilarious Kimmy Gibbler, are the only two redeeming qualities in the show that kept me going.

The show is about 13 episodes a season with each episode about 30 min. So a few days to a week is all it will take to binge this show but we don’t recommend it. This is probably our least favorite thing we have watched to completion and least favorite revival of a show we once loved. They try so hard but even Cadet Kelly was more comical than this crap.

This show really makes me feel like that way that people talk down to other people. Almost like the writers are making fun of our intelligence by how dumb the show can be and still get a laugh. Well it is probably not that deep but how many effs do we give?

Zero. None. Not One. #ErikaJayne

1/5 stars for this show and a 1/10 rating for binge worthy success

#FullerHouse #Netflix #TheNetflixNanny

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